Hi my name is Dan Boulais I am 30 years old and from Canada. In July of 2010 I was diagnosed with acute leukemia all. It was so advanced that I was told I had a few days to live if i had not got checked out by the doctors when I did. During the next few months I went through intensive chemotherapy and suffered from a brain hemorrhage and meningitis. In November of 2010 I went in for intensive radiation before receiving a new stem cell transplant from an unknown donor. Days later i caught a respiratory virus and was placed in the intensive care unit. My lungs eventually shut down and i spent the next 8 weeks in a coma on life support. When they woke me the meds had paralyzed me from the neck down. I was told i wouldn't move for a year.

Then I read Drew Brees book, Coming Back Stronger, and he inspired me to work hard and to win each day. Within 3 months I was going up and down stairs in a rehab center. Now I'm cancer free for a year and able to enjoy time with my wife and two young kids, I was home for Christmas this year.

Drew Brees is a role model for many but to me he is more than that. He is an inspiration and a driving force not only behind my rehab but that way he carries himself each and everyday is amazing and inspirational. If i could ever meet him I would thank him for all the work he and Brittany are doing for sick kids. My bout with cancer has definitely pushed me to get more involved and I volunteer at the Ottawa cancer foundation to help with sick patients and kids as well.

If anything I hope my story can inspire anybody to be strong and stay strong, to never give up and more importantly to finish strong.

God Bless,

Dan Boulais

Dan Boulais,