Motivating Students to Finish Strong

finish strong wristband

Finish Strong Wristband

I have been the headmaster of a charter school for the last five years. The last nine to twelve weeks of the school year can be a challenge keeping everyone focused on finishing the school year well. A few years ago I learned about Finish Strong and decided to get every student and teacher a Finish Strong bracelet to remind everyone to do just that! But, to make it a bit more interesting and to get the most out of these I didn’t just give them away. I gave one to each teacher and explained to the students that they had to earn one by exemplifying what it means to Finish Strong. I go to each class and explain why we are doing this and how they can earn a bracelet like mine and tell them if they earn one to be sure and show it to me. We talk about why it is important to Finish Strong and I have them give examples of how they can show they have a Finish Strong Attitude. Then over the next week to ten days the teachers find ways to acknowledge students showing the Finish Strong Attitude and give them a bracelet. Students can’t wait to show me their bracelets and tell me what they did to earn them! This has been a very successful tool as we work to Finish Strong and cultivate virtue in our students. Thanks Dan for working with me on this each year!! FINISH STRONG!!  

Timm Petersen, Headmaster,

Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy

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