Motivating Students to Finish Strong

Finish Strong Wristband I have been the headmaster of a charter school for the last five years. The last nine to twelve weeks of the school year can be a challenge keeping everyone focused on finishing the school year well. A few years ago I learned about Finish Strong and decided to get every student…
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The Ben Hogan Story

Follow the Sun, the Ben Hogan story by Dan Green Ben was nine years old when his father committed suicide in front of him. it was a horrible thing for a father to do to a son and it had a deep impact on that little boy. Ben would turn to golf as a way…
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From leg braces to gold medals

Belief, The Wilma Rudolph Story by Dan Green On June 23rd, 1940 Wilma Glodean Rudolph was born prematurely and weighed only 4.5 pounds. Wilma became the 20th of 22 children of Ed and Blanche Rudolph. The Rudolph’s were African Americans living in a time of segregation. since the local hospital was for whites only and…
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