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Finish Strong About Us

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In the early 1990's, Dan was struggling to launch his career in software sales.  But, he found the words "Finish Strong" to be a compelling attitude and approach to reaching his financial goals.  By embracing the Finish Strong attitude, Dan was able to create a powerful platform for personal performance in life, sports and business. 

By applying the Finish Strong attitude every day, he began to build a sales pipeline that would ultimately help him triple his income in his first year of selling.  Secondly, he was able to pay off all of his off his outstanding debts and third, he began to realize his dream of racing open wheel racecars.  Dan began producing Finish Strong products for others to buy as a reminder of their commitment to Finish Strong.  The United States Patent and Trademark office issued an uncontestable trademark for the words "Finish Strong"

Since that time, Dan has operated in an effort to inspire the world.  He belives that by adopting the Finish Strong attitude you can achieve breakthrough performance in your personal, professional and spiritual lives.  His vision has brought the Finish Strong attitude to millions of people through various endeavors including sports apparel, nutritional supplements, sports education, corporate incentives and publishing.


Finish Strong exist to provide men, women and children with a inspirational and motivational platform for life, sport, business and spiritual well being.  Our books, apparel, wristbands, jewelry, t-shirts, hats and other gift items serve as personal reminders of ones commitment to Finish Strong.

The Finish Strong attitude is about choice. Only you have the power to choose how to respond to the challenges before you. How will you choose to respond? Will you lie down or will you choose to fight? The choice is yours and I challenge you to always choose to Finish Strong. 

"It's not what happens to you, it's how you choose to respond that matters" - Dan Green, Founder Finish Strong, LLC.