My name is Ashley and I am a soon to be graduating senior. I just wanted to thank you for your book "Finish Strong." I just finished it and was eager to reach out to you to say how much this book means to me. It was just what I needed as I am making this transition from student to professional. Thanks for the inspiration and great stories. Keep them coming! I would love to conduct an informational interview with you on your experiences and tips to Finishing Strong in life. Thanks!


Since reading Finish Strong, my son Alfie has achieved standards in Kart Racing beyond his age level ability by becoming the youngest MSA club champion so far. While taking part as the youngest participant in the British Championship called Formula Kart Stars organized by Bernie Eclestone Formula One boss Alfie raced in Belgium at a track called Genk. Alfie managed to become the youngest podium finisher in the history of FKS by finishing 2nd from starting 22nd on the grid. For his achievements he was also awarded an award from the Indy 500 Andretti driver, Martin Plowman.

I am so proud of his achievements especially as he always asks me if I noticed him towards the end of every race "Switch it on and finish strong!"

Once again thank you for your efforts that have inspired our family.


Hi my name is Dan Boulais I am 30 years old and from Canada. In July of 2010 I was diagnosed with acute leukemia all. It was so advanced that I was told I had a few days to live if i had not got checked out by the doctors when I did. During the next few months I went through intensive chemotherapy and suffered from a brain hemorrhage and meningitis. In November of 2010 I went in for intensive radiation before receiving a new stem cell transplant from an unknown donor. Days later i caught a respiratory virus and was placed in the intensive care unit. My lungs eventually shut down and i spent the next 8 weeks in a coma on life support. When they woke me the meds had paralyzed me from the neck down. I was told i wouldn't move for a year.

Then I read Drew Brees book, Coming Back Stronger, and he inspired me to work hard and to win each day. Within 3 months I was going up and down stairs in a rehab center. Now I'm cancer free for a year and able to enjoy time with my wife and two young kids, I was home for Christmas this year.

Drew Brees is a role model for many but to me he is more than that. He is an inspiration and a driving force not only behind my rehab but that way he carries himself each and everyday is amazing and inspirational. If i could ever meet him I would thank him for all the work he and Brittany are doing for sick kids. My bout with cancer has definitely pushed me to get more involved and I volunteer at the Ottawa cancer foundation to help with sick patients and kids as well.

If anything I hope my story can inspire anybody to be strong and stay strong, to never give up and more importantly to finish strong.

God Bless,

Dan Boulais

Dan Boulais,

My challenge in life started December 9, 2007. My husband at the age of 41 and his father was tragically killed in a boating accident in Delcroix, Louisiana. I was faced with the biggest challenges of my life. I was a widow at the age of 37 with a daughter that was only 9 years old. The first several months after Jerry’s accident was such a blur. I don’t remember the funeral services, don’t remember people everything felt like a bad dream. I kept thinking I would wake up the next morning and it would all go away. My next 6 months became dealing with finances, our business of almost 8 years and a attorney. My husband’s partner tried sueing me and stealing everything from the company. I just wanted everything to end. My daughter needed me and I needed her. I ended up paying off all the expenses of the company. It took 6 long months to end that legal mess. Then the day before Christmas Eve 2008 I was served legal papers that I was being sued by a passenger of the other boat for medical injuries. He had a soft tissue injury to his knee.

Every day and night I would look at my daughter and say to myself that I have to make it. I want my daughter to have a happy life. I want her to live with values, goals, respect and love.

It’s been 2 long and hard years. I have to say life is much better. I am still not too sure how I made it. I have to say GOD, family, prays and such great friends help me through this difficult time in my life. My daughter Victoria was my inspiration. She is doing awesome…..honor roll and in honors at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, editor in the school newspaper, school flag football team for girls and school patrol. This is also her 10th year of dancing this year. That special night will be dedicated to her daddy.

I recently started the motto of FINISH STRONG due to a big fan of the New Orleans and Dree Brees.


Cheri Rodriguez
Kenner, Louisiana

Cheri Rodriguez,