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The Finish Strong Story

Choose to Finish Strong

Finish Strong is a high-performance lifestyle brand for individuals seeking to achieve exceptional results in sport, life and business.

Finish Strong was founded in 1992 in order to provide high-performance minded individuals with a platform for achievement. Dan Green, our founder, was a young struggling salesman when he discovered the power of choosing to Finish Strong. Finish Strong became his personal mantra to stay on track to reach his sales goals and objectives. In the less than a year, he doubled his income, paid off all his debt and realized his dream of racing cars. He was so impacted by the power of this attitude that he decided to establish trademark rights to the words "Finish Strong" in 1996. Dan's vision was to protect the integrity of the words and to create products and services for individuals, businesses, educators, athletes, students and more. Since those early days, Finish Strong, LLC has inspired millions of people through the promotion of the Finish Strong brand. This has been accomplished with products such as t-shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, inspirational posters, gift cards, banners, silicone wristbands, medallions, key chains, and more.

In 2008, the inspirational book publisher Simple Truths published the first of three books, written by Dan Green, under the Finish Strong brand: Finish Strong, Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration, Finish Strong Teen Athlete, Finish Strong motivational quotes. Collectively the Finish Strong series has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Simple Truths followed up each book with a three-minute inspirational movie.

In 2009, Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, purchase a copy of Finish Strong and the Finish Strong silicone wristband for every member of the team. Finish Strong became the theme for the Saints and help provide motivation on their way to their first Super Bowl victory.

Today, Finish Strong products are purchased by people from all walks of life to motivate and inspire themselves and others. Finish Strong products are great motivators for team building, businesses, students, athletes, coaches, sales professionals. It is not uncommon for organizations to use the Finish Strong message as a rallying cry or inspirational theme for projects and events; then reinforce the theme with Finish Strong products.

Remember, "It's not what happens to you that matters, it's how you choose to respond that does. Always choose to Finish Strong", Dan Green.

Finish Strong is for Everyone


Sales Professionals

Create a theme around an event or contest and reinforce the Finish Strong message with t-shirt, challenge coin or silicon wristband. A great message to support reward and recognition programs. Compliment your event by having Dan Green give a motivational key-note presentation.



One of the most popular uses of Finish Strong products is with students. School administrators will hand out Finish Strong silicone rubber wristbands before state testing time. It's a proven way to get students to focus and rally around finishing their testing strong. Also a great inspiration for the teachers. We'll even partner with your school to produce custom made t-shirts and banners incorporating your school name with Finish Strong.


Business Professionals

Not for sales folks alone! We've had leaders within IT, Project Management, HR and Manufacturing use Finish Strong to inspire their teams to go the extra mile, hit deadlines and Finish Strong. We produced a custom t-shirt for a team at Lockheed Martin to commemorate the construction of a fuel tank for for the last space shuttle launch. The entire team, and it was a big team, received Finish Strong silicone bracelets and custom t-shirt.


Licensing Partners

The words "finish strong" are protected by a registered trademark. So while you can't use the words to create your own products, you can partner with Finish Strong to co-brand your company or initiative with our trademark. We've partnered with the Brees Dream Foundation, Lockheed Martin and Computer associates to create products that leverage the Finish Strong brand with their brand.